6 Easy Tips for Looking More Youthful

by in Health 17/01/2014

Are you ever concerned about your looks as you get older? Perhaps circumstances or choices have affected your health or appearance, and the “you” in the mirror doesn’t match the one in your head. But don’t worry! There’s always hope, no matter how challenging the situation may seem.

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Try these simple, natural solutions to take months or years off your look

  1. Get adequate rest. Sleep is perhaps the most underrated solution for preserving youth! No matter how many brand-name cosmetic products you buy, they’ll never be able to do for you what sleep can do. To rejuvenate your body and leave your skin glowing, try these tips:
    • Try to avoid sleeping on your face; this may result in a breakdown of the skin’s suppleness and elasticity.
    • Change your pillowcases often so your skin isn’t subject to bacteria from grease buildup.
    • Use a nighttime moisturizer for extra softness all day long.
  2. Avoid saturated fats. Foods high in saturated fat may be very tasty, but those fats can result in toxin buildup throughout your system. To prevent this, primarily avoid anything that’s deep-fried. These foods are usually loaded with saturated fats.
    • However, some fats are crucial to a healthy diet. Get the necessary fats from sources like nuts and flax seeds.
    • Go veg! Switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Vegetables and fruits are chock full of antioxidants which protect against cell damaging free radicals.
  3. Smile! Smiling is another well-kept secret for preserving and restoring youth. Continued frowning results in development of lines and creases in the face and neck. Remember: it takes more muscles to frown than smile, so relax those muscles!
  4. Freshen up your hair cut or hair color. A new look might be just what you need to restore your sense of youthfulness! One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by changing your hair color or hairstyle.
  5. Mix up your wardrobe. Believe it or not, a more youthful wardrobe can go miles in bringing some pizzazz back to your look. Sometimes the glow you desire doesn’t have to come from habits or lifestyle changes.
    • Try more colors and prints. Even just a few stylish pieces can restore your sense of youthfulness.
  6. Get some exercise. Toning your body can take years off your look. Go for a walk in the evenings, take a Yoga class, follow along with dance or exercise DVDs, hula hoop, swim, or do some simple calisthenics to get you moving on a regular basis – at least several times each week. Varying your routines will keep them new and refreshing.
    • Regular exercise also helps you relieve stress. Stress is not only detrimental to your health, but its effects also make you look older. You’ll look and feel younger when you’re stress-free.

For tips on keeping your skin fresh and protected from dry and cold winter weather, see Easy Tips for Keeping Your Skin Fresh and Protected During Winter.

If you feel empowered to embrace a youthful look, then go with that feeling. The tips above are a great place to start, but remember that the ultimate secret potion lies in your heart and mind. As you try these suggestions, keep in mind that you’re really as young as you feel! Spend time each day doing whatever makes you happy, and you’re sure to lock in some of that youthful glow!


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