72 Meatless Thanksgiving Recipes

by in Recipes 17/11/2013

In less than a couple weeks from now, many of you in the US will be celebrating Thanksgiving. How was last year’s Thanksgiving as a vegetarian? I’m sure you enjoyed time with family, but when it was time to sit down for the traditional spread did you get strange looks as you passed on the turkey, stuffing, gravy, while relegating yourself to a few side dishes?

Do you get nostalgic during Thanksgiving, thinking of how excited you were to smell the different foods cooking all day and then sit around the table together and enjoy the feast? Maybe you were even a little envious last year as your family enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving dinner while you picked at your green beans and corn.

Hey, we commend you for sticking to your convictions during the holidays; we know it can be hard for some people. But there’s no reason you can’t have a hearty Thanksgiving feast too!

Vegetarian Thanksgiving trimmings

Over the last few weeks, we’ve posted delicious Thanksgiving recipes from various sites. I’ve put together a summary of those links here; an array of 72 meatless dishes suitable for any Thanksgiving celebration!

Roasts, loafs, pies, gravies, potatoes, biscuits, veggies, desserts and a lot more. And don’t forget the Tofurky Roast (order online!):

With Thanksgiving only 10 days away bookmark this page using Pocket or Evernote and prepare your meatless Thanksgiving ahead of time so you have it on your phone when you’re grocery shopping.

Not hosting a Thanksgiving dinner? No problem! Prepare a few of these dishes and bring them to the celebration. Be sure to cook a little extra for those who want to try your mouthwatering dishes.

Show your family and friends that they’re not missing out when it comes to going meatless during the holidays!


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