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about us

So you want to know something about us?

Nosey aren’t you.

We like talking about ourselves as much as you, so where do we begin? Let’s start from the beginning. In the beginning we were all vegetarian. Okay, not that far back and maybe a little less controversial. How about in 2012, when Jethro Batts and his team of trusty vegos finally got our act together, we created a little site called vegetarianbody.com. We did this purely because over the years (okay, maybe longer!) we have immersed ourselves in these topics and thought we may have something to add to the community- however small it may be.

Also, unlike twilight fan sites, there just aren’t that many sites out there that focus on Vegetarian Fitness.

`Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? Said Alice.
`That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat.
`I don't much care where--' said Alice
`Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.
Alice in Wonderland, C. S. Lewis.

We’d rather not be Alice, so we have five places we would like to get to with this. In no particular order, they are as follows:

1.) We’ll provide up-to-date information on Vegetarian Fitness.

  • Lately, there have been many research-based studies done on vegetarianism and the correlation with health. So whenever we see new research-based information relevant to vegetarianism or fitness, we’ll hand-pick straight of the press, clean it up and then give it to you for consumption so it gets to you fresh. We also try to include information for men, women, teens, baby boomers and beyond. If you would like us to research a particular topic or issue, we encourage you to email us on vegeout[at]vegebody.com and we’ll get our sleuths onto researching it.

2.) We sell or recommend only products that we (or you) are raving fans of.

  • You’ll notice we won’t have 50 types of protein or 100 types of vitamin choices. We will only (now and always) sell and recommend products we truly believe in- not with the highest margin or best marketing campaign, etc. We will only sell the favourites. We try to do surveys every now and again on what you guys and girls are after. If you are a raving fan of a product you think we or the V-Body community would love, email us at vegeout[at]vegebody.com.

3.) To get help on creating the ultimate, Vegetarian Fitness reference book. An epic feat.

  • Ok, epic is an understatement. We set out at the beginning of 2012 to create the best possible book of vegetarian fitness that we could. It’s turned into a project of colossal proportions. There are only a few books that focus on Vegetarian Fitness, but no Vegetarian fitness bible or standout resource on this subject of Vegetarian Fitness. Having a background, skill-set and passion in these subjects we began the interesting task of writing it. We want this book to become more of a reference manual than a cover to cover read. We want to create something you’ll want to pick up again and again, actually scrap that…. we want something you won’t put down. We also want to collaborate with as many people as we can (If you know anyone of interest; maybe it is you; then please contact us at vegeout[at]vegebody.com).

4.) We’ll focus on the love of vegetarianism and fitness.

  • I’m sure you’ve heard of Mother Teresa’s quote “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.” There are many controversial areas on how to eat, train and live. Let’s just say we won’t harper on about the negatives. For this subject, we are all intelligent enough to know the negatives. We are all intelligent enough to make our decisions. The trick is being informed and not inundated. It’s our objective to inform you in the best way we can, no mincing the facts.

5.) Have some fun, create some stuff and always be as cool as a cucumber.

  • Just like that friendly dog in your neighbourhood that you often stop, pat and play with for a bit on your way about your business, we want to be that dog. Personally, we like playing here creating some cool stuff and getting some captivating tidbits up…. so next time you’re in the internet neighbourhood, we’d love you to come play with us. Yes, we’re that cheesy.


What is Vegetarian Body?

Vegetarian Body is a vegetarian fitness website. It is a site that aims to become the location for vegetarians who are interested in health and fitness. Vegetarian Body aims to become a major asset for the alternative eating community in Australia and hopefully; more broadly; the world. After the world, we’ll aim for the vegetarians on other planets, solar systems and galaxies. For now, one step at a time.

What’s the ecommerce store?

Vegetarian Body intention is to provide a single site where vegetarians and people with special dietary needs can come for information, products and services. This site will focus on serving as an online store where you can buy products and services that are the best of the best. We will only sell products we (and you) truly believe in and know there is a raving fan community behind the products. If you would like us to stock a product that you are a raving fan, send us an email at vegeout[at]vegebody.com.

So this site focuses just on vegetarians who are interested in fitness? Why?

Yes, but you will also find information, products and services for non-vegetarians and non-fitness fanatics. Vegetarians, by nature, are a community of their own. Just like meeting another Aussie in an unexpected city in a different country and building instant rapport, vegetarians do the same, as they tend to have like values, beliefs and attitudes. Because of this value for the betterment of their health, the majority are drawn to fitness for exactly the same reasons. For these preceding reasons and also, due to the community culture of vegetarians and the interconnectivity of the web; there is hopefully room out there for our site to vegeout.

Who runs Vegetarian Body?

The Vegetarian Body team currently consists of a handful of dedicated vegetarians helpers. If you would like to contribute to helping our little site grow, we would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, contact Jethro Batts at jethro[at]vegebody.com and he’ll get back to you before you can say “Brussel Sprouts”.

I have a request/suggestion/complaint. Who do I contact?
Email vegeout[at]vegebody.com and we’ll make sure we respond as soon as we can.


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