Battle of the Berries: Acai VS Maqui

by in Health 08/04/2010


These are two’headline’ superfoods that have come out of South America in recent times.

... only to battle it out on which one is the most supreme berry of them all!

The Acai Berry have been quite a sensation, in all senses of the word, with a massive number of dietary supplements now claiming to tap into the health benefits of the berry. But the Maqui berry has made it’s presence felt itself in recent times– and recent testing strongly suggests health benefits that look like more than holding their own against the Acai.

So the question to ask is– which is better?

The Maqui Berry vs the Acai Berry

It is important that you make sure your brain is working when comparing the two berries. Either are able to make strong dietary claims, most of which have been checked by medical testing. But there has been very little scientific testing of side by side results so we can only extrapolate comparisons.

As there is such little direct scientific studies to compare it is important that we only deal in absolutes– facts that have been studied and authenticated by the wider scientific community. It is these results( and not the unsubstantiated claims) that we shall be comparing.

ORAC Scoring

The Acai berry and the Maqui berry boast high contents of antioxidants. The normal way to calculate the antioxidant level of foods is to use the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) count. In this case the higher the ORAC count the more antioxidant the food has.

The ORAC table

  1. Maqui Berry 820
  2. Acai Berry 160-300
  3. Blueberry 61
  4. Raspberry 21
  5. Grapes 14

This states clearly that the amount of antioxidant in Maqui far outstrip those found in the Acai berry. This is vital when it comes to health benefits.

This is as having a high level of antioxidants is one of the most basic factors composing a ‘superfood’. Many of the health claims that the two berries make as to increasing health levels arise from the amounts of antioxidants that they are both able to parade. Antioxidants are prequisite to our well being in a variety of ways.

  • They help combat cancer.
  • They have anti-ageing capabilities.
  • They boost the bodys’s immune system.
  • Improves our energy levels.

and far more besides. As the Maqui has about 3 to 4 times the quantities of antioxidants of the Acai it means that it can boast of far more powerful benefits with regards it’s position as a dietary supplement.

Maqui and Acai Nutritional Benefits

There are very high quantities of vitamins and nutrients in both the Acai and the Maqui berries. However there is not any easy overall scoring method to measure such factors (unfortunately) as there is with the antioxidants.

What has become clear is that the far greater amount of nutrients and vitamins in the Acai than in the Maqui shows that it is more ‘powerful’ in the specifics of being a health product.

This points to

  • The Acai gives more direct energy (though indirect energy from antioxidants also happens)
  • Poor diets, or restricted diets, are boosted significantly by the Acai
  • Growing your body (such as building muscle) is easier with the enhanced nutritional properties of the Acai.

One unique aspect of the Acai is that is contains Omega 3. Omega 3 is vital for our health but is only found in fish and nuts – and the Acai berry.

Which Berry is Best?

With that indepth look which of the two berries is the best when it comes to our health?

The answer is very subjective as it is entirely based around what you want your health supplement to be doing. The Maqui berry could be said to be more powerful if you are able to get all your vitamins and nutrients from other sources as the health boost from the far higher antioxidant levels is significant.

However if you want a health supplement that is able to deliver everything, antioxidant benefits and nutritional/vitamin boosts then you are best of looking at the Acai berry.

So what it eventually comes down to is your own preferences and lifestyle. Both berries work as a health supplement, but can give you different results.


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