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Vegan Substitutes for popular meat and dairy products

by in Blog 03/04/2019

I have written it, voiced it, advocated it many times before; being vegan is not just a “trendy” diet or fad. The vegan diet is a collection of conscious decisions every single day, which positively affect animal treatment, the environment and physical health. In fact, the vegan diet has increased in popularity by 987% since […]

Top 3 Vegan Eateries in Sydney

by in Blog 25/03/2019

For so many years, following a vegan diet was considered a lifestyle followed by only fringe dwellers and flower children. Not. Any. More. It is a movement, and it is undeniably here to stay! With that said, I’m going to share my top three favourite vegan restaurants you have to experience in Sydney, Australia.Gigi PizzeriaGigi […]