Lose Weight with These Shopping Tips

by in Blog, Health 02/12/2018

The supermarket can be a dieter’s best friend or a dangerous garden of temptation. The way you shop and the foods you select make a big difference in how your experience will turn out.Change the Way You Shop for GroceriesUnderstand what you’re walking into. The goal of any store is to get you to spend […]

End Your Dependence on Energy Drinks

by in Blog, Drinks, Health 01/09/2018

I admit, I do enjoy energy drinks from time-to-time. As a coffee drinker, sometimes when I’d like to have a boost in hot weather, a cold energy drink does the trick. My husband is web programmer and used to drink Red Bull every day, programming well into the night. I think Red Bull is one […]

5 Strategies to Become Addicted to Exercise

by in Health 22/02/2016

Do you truly enjoy exercising? Or does it seem more like a chore? If the thought of putting your body through strenuous drills is keeping you from working out, then it’s time to switch things up. With some adjustment and focus, you can create a positive relationship with exercise today! I’m addicted to exercise, but […]