End Your Dependence on Energy Drinks

by in Blog, Drinks, Health 01/09/2018

I admit, I do enjoy energy drinks from time-to-time. As a coffee drinker, sometimes when I’d like to have a boost in hot weather, a cold energy drink does the trick. My husband is web programmer and used to drink Red Bull every day, programming well into the night. I think Red Bull is one […]

Moove over Dairy?

by in Drinks, Proteins / Fats / Carbs 23/10/2012

“Milk is for babies.” Arnold Schwarzenegger   It’s no surprise dairy is such a controversial topic. The dairy industry is home to the big bucks (no pun intended), so wherever money goes propaganda surely follows. Now before we continue for the Dairy debate. Remember… don’t have a cow man (whilst reading this. Yes, the pun is intended)!!!! Why […]

Are you getting enough?

by in Drinks 23/10/2012

However much water you are drinking, double it. Here’s why. If you are an active vegetarian, you need to get into the habit of conciously drinking more water to optimize your workout performances and general well-being. Depending on which stat you read, the human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on body […]