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Hey Vego, where do you get your protein from? Protein Protein is a building block for hormones that control metabolism and movement. As such, our body needs protein for strength and energy, for building tissue and for the growth and repair of muscles. Proteins contain twenty known amino acids. Our bodies can make ten of […]

Moove over Dairy?

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“Milk is for babies.” Arnold Schwarzenegger   It’s no surprise dairy is such a controversial topic. The dairy industry is home to the big bucks (no pun intended), so wherever money goes propaganda surely follows. Now before we continue for the Dairy debate. Remember… don’t have a cow man (whilst reading this. Yes, the pun is intended)!!!! Why […]


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Like carbs, fats are both good and bad news. Fats are really bad for you if they saturated or trans fats as these raise cholesterol levels, clog arteries and cause heart disease and stroke. Fats are really good for you if they are unsaturated or essential fatty acids which are a concentrated source of energy […]

Great Carbs to Fuel Lean Muscle Gains

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BEANS/LENTILS/PEAS: A great source of slowly digested carbohydrates and protein, beans, lentils and peas improve digestion and elimination, reduce cholesterol, and give you energy. They are full of proteins, antioxidants, folic acid and potassium. Complex carbs also contain significant amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. Beans are especially high in soluble fiber, and a […]