Compost Your Way to Delicious Vegetables

by in Composting, Gardening 19/04/2009


I recommend to everyone who has a garden to turn their bio garbage (egg shells, apple cores, coffee grounds, etc.) into “black gold” by composting. In my home we don’t throw any food scraps or spoiled food into the garbage, we have a small bucket next to the sink for compost material. The result is some fantastic vegetables.

I tell everyone who gardens to do this but not everyone listens. I’ve heard all the excuses, the most common is the smell. Is not a problem in my home, my bucket has a lid and I keep it in front of an open window next to my sink for ventilation. But for some, like my parents, its not good enough. I found a great item on that I bought for my parents as a gift and they love it. Its a beautiful polished stainless-steel indoor composter that has a build in charcoal filter to eliminate any odors.

It’s a little pricier than the plastic pail I use. But it turned out to be a wonderful gift and I feel great that my parents are going to have a better garden and less waste going to the land fill. Because its such a cool item they are enthusiastic about using it -that alone its worth the price! This pail has no smells emanating from it and it is going to last forever, while my cheaper pail may need to replaced at some point. Its polished stainless finish looks very tasteful on the counter next to the sink, while my plastic pail looks like it doesn’t belong. I think I just talked myself into buying one for my house!

And to those who don’t have a garden -you don’t know what your missing. You should come to my house with a grocery chain tomato and compare the taste with one of mine. There is no comparison, a grocery chain tomato has no taste, mine you can taste -and it’s good.

Most of my friend’s who don’t garden live in an apartment where space is at a premium. I recommend this gardening ebook package that shows you can have organic herbs and vegetables for salads and cooking using limited space. This is a great package for anyone interested in learning more about organic gardening whether you live in a 300 sq ft apartment or 20 acre farm!

Free Organic Vegetable Gardening At Home

More organic gardening resources can be found at the link above.

  • Ahh the lost art of composting and gardening…if we all had a vegetable garden and ate out of it…think of the money we’d save and the pollution that would be cleaned up….

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