Cruelty-Free Benefits of Going Vegan

by in Blog, Why 26/01/2015


Around the world, millions of animals are slaughtered for food everyday. In the United States along, more than 27 billion animals are slaughtered for food annually. The animals that are raised for food are generally not treated in a humane and compassionate manner. Common practices include:

  • Cutting the beaks off of chickens.
  • Castrating male cows and pigs without painkillers because painkillers cost money.
  • Housing all animals in dark and crowded spaces without room to move or ever experience sunshine or fresh air.
  • Feeding livestock an abundance of antibiotics because they spend their lives wallowing in their own disease-ridden waste. (These antibiotics are then consumed indirectly by people who eat those animals, which may be contributing to a global antibiotic resistance.)

Slaughter and preparation for the factory is often conducted in front of the other animals and while the animals are still alive. Some people believe that the negative emotions experienced by the animals during their slaughter is retained in the meat, which is then consumed by people. Their theory is that consuming this negative energy isn’t good for health or vitality.

Think about it: all animals (humans too) naturally fear danger. If an animal thinks you are about to harm it, it will receive a rush of adrenaline and try to escape. So when someone chooses to eat meat, they’re eating an animal that wanted to live and ingesting the survival chemicals and hormones that cause fear, anxiety and adrenaline running through their veins at the time it died. No wonder so many people in our society are depressed and have mood problems!

Here’s one more thing to think about: why is it so hard for people to stop eating meat? For some people, giving up meat is like trying to quit cigarettes or a kick a drug habit. There may be good reason for that. Many people believe that the drugs and additives the meat industry injects into animals make the meat addictive.

It’s a well-known and documented fact that McDonald’s studies human psychology in an effort to make their burgers additive. It’s the reason they add sugar to hamburgers, because it helps people become addicted to them.

So, you have a powerful meat industry injecting chemicals into animals and funding studies on how to make meat more addictive. It makes a lot of sense why some people who go vegetarian or vegan cannot stick with it.

Avoiding all this garbage is quite simple: stop eating meat. Not only can you the lives of hundreds of animals each year, you’ll stop supporting an exploitative meat industry.


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