Happy World Vegetarian Day!

by in Blog 30/09/2015


We’re celebrating World Vegetarian Day, October 1, and all month long for Vegetarian Awareness Month! Participate and make a difference during October by enjoying the festivities and informing others about the benefits of vegetarianism. This month we’ll post news on exciting Vegetarian Festivals and events from around the world.

Some of this month’s festivities around the world:

  • VegFest London, October 5 – 6. The UKs Best Veggie Fair, a vegan veggie friendly family day out in the UK. The biggest vegan festival in Europe with 150 stands, celebrity speakers and more. See this page for more info:
  • Other vegetarian/vegan events in the UK:
    • Live A Better Life, Liverpool, October 19. Liverpool's biggest ever 100% vegan, healthy and ethical living event! More information at
    • West Midlands Vegan Festival, Birmingham, October 26. Celebrating and promoting vegan lifestyles, everyone is invited to the BIGGEST ever vegan event north of London.
  • 41st World Vegfest and 6th Asian Veg Congress, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia, October 3-9. A week of vegetarian discussion, cooking, entertainment and eating.
  • Thai vegetarian festival food booths
    Thai Vegetarian Festival, Thailand, October 5 to 13
    . The Phuket Vegetarian Festival in southern Thailand usually gets the headlines, but the truth is that vegetarian celebrations can be found all over the country. Many Thai restaurants convert menus to vegetarian during the 10 day festival (often prolonged to 12-13 days as vendors start early and extending the festivities). Everywhere you go there is vegetarian food, from street carts to 5 start restaurants to vegetarian buffets. No asking the waiter to hold the meat, it’s the one time of year meat-eaters are the ones who feel awkward! A vegetarian’s paradise, check for any events in Thai communities in your area.
  • Paris Vegan Day Festival, October 12. The Paris Vegan Day is an international event celebrating the vegan lifestyle in France. The event includes cooking classes, book signings by vegan chefs, organic food and drink, stands, vegan fashion show, cosmetics and make-overs, vegan wine and cheese tastings, conferences on ethical, ecological and health aspects of veganism, health professionals, ethical shopping and more. Facebook Page

How YOU can participate where you live:

  • Look for vegetarian events in your area this month: cooking classes, vegetarian/vegan author book signings, and vegetarian restaurant specials. Since there are vegetarian festivals in different parts of the world, Asian communities in your area may have local events. Check local Hindu or Buddhist temples in the area for vegetarian dinners or potlucks organized this month. These can be a lot of fun!
  • Host a vegetarian dinner to show your non-veg friends and family members how delicious vegetarian food can be. Once we hosted a spaghetti dinner, using textured soy protein as ground beef in the tomato sauce. We decided not to tell anyone the food was 100% vegetarian, if we did I think some people may not have come. The overwhelming flavor of our homemade spaghetti sauce fooled everyone. After everyone ate we revealed the ingredients, everyone was shocked. Now when we have visitors they are more open to eating vegetarian, where before they may not be. Try this trick for your next dinner party.
  • Share, Tweet and Like articles from to help spread the word on how great vegetarianism is!

What NOT to do this month:

  • Don’t preach to people how selfish they are because they chose to eat meat. This almost never works, causes resentment and may push some further away from vegetarianism. When sharing with others focus on the positives of the vegetarian lifestyle: how delicious the food is, the energy you have from eating healthy, the celebrities that embrace vegetarianism, how good you feel knowing you eat food that doesn’t cause animals to suffer.
  • Nothing. As a vegetarian, the worst thing you can do this month is not do anything. This is an opportunity to celebrate in sprit with your fellow vegetarian sisters and brothers all around the world. Not much going on in your area? Be creative: volunteer to make vegetarian sandwiches or food for a local event, organize a group outing with friends or family to a vegetarian restaurant, or a host a vegetarian potluck. I like the vegetarian dinner idea mentioned earlier, very easy to do and a lot of fun. Share what you’re doing online and with us so we can all celebrate together!

Let us know how you plan to celebrate in the comments below. What festivals will you attend, what events you’re going to? Let us know!


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