Becoming a Vegetarian

by in Why 23/10/2015


There are many reason’s to become vegetarian, the two most popular are health reasons and not wanting to harm or kill animals. I went on vegetarian diets in the past for periods up to a year because of health reasons before committing to it 100% a few years ago. When I was “experimenting” with vegetarianism in the past, it taught me that it is very easy to find and prepare vegetarian food, and the only reason I was eating meat before was for taste. In other words, I found out for myself meat is not needed for survival, its only a personal choice. I’m sure some of you reading this are saying to yourselves, “duh!” -but I believe a lot of people don’t realize when you break it down, it really comes down to pleasure. People eat meat because it pleases them, not because they need to.

When I came to this realization, that I was eating meat for selfish reasons, I felt a conflict within myself. But I continued to eat meat and just ignored my conscious.

I’ve always loved animals and been active in dog rescue through the years. While heavily involved with a local dog rescue organization a few years ago I made the decision never to eat meat again. At that time I couldn’t ignore my conscious any longer. I felt like a hypocrite working for an animal rescue organization all day and then coming home at night and eating animal meat for dinner. Since that time I’ve never looked back and now have greater peace of mind in my life.

If you are thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan, listen to your heart. There are reason’s you are reading my story, examine those reasons -they point to something about yourself. What do you value, what do you care about, what matters to you most?

Thank you for reading my story. If you find it interesting or helpful please pass it on.


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