How to Become an Elite Vegetarian

Foursquare Herbivore vegetarian badge
We recognize those who have achieve the Herbivore Badge on Foursquare as Elite Vegetarians. Your dedication to supporting local vegetarian and vegan restaurants and stores won’t go unnoticed, we’ll make sure of that and feature you and your badge on our site!

To be considered as an Elite Vegetarian and featured on this site and our Twitter and Facebook accounts, you need to do the following:

[list type=”checked”]

  • Follow us on Twitter OR Like our Facebook Page
  • Tweet or Post a link to your Herbivore badge on Foursquare

You can get the link by visiting your Foursquare trophy case and clicking on your Herbivore badge.

The link will look something like this:

[note type=”note”]On Twitter, please be sure to include @veggiefriend and the hashtag #EliteVegetarian in your Tweet so we’ll see it.[/note]

Please give us 24 hours to see your post.

Being an Herbivore is not always easy as it may be hard to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants and stores in your area. That’s what makes this exclusive group of vegetarians elite. We will consider other members on a case by case basis for those who do not use Foursquare yet go above and beyond for the community. You can start by being active in our community, by leaving helpful comments on our site, Facebook Page and including @veggiefriend in your Tweets. We will reward those who consistently add value to the community.


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