McDonald’s McVeggie Makes an Appearance during Vegetarian Festival

by in Blog 04/10/2013

McDonalds vegetarian burger signMy husband and I are in Thailand enjoying the annual Vegetarian Festival, which begins on the 5th but always starts a few days early to our delight!

While walking past McDonalds at the mall we were surprised to see a sign for the McVeggie, which we have never seen in Thailand or anywhere else we’ve been around the world. We had to give it a try.

The patty is made from potatoes with a little diced carrot and corn nibbles added. The patty is breaded and fried. It’s topped with a little lettuce and a special teriyaki style sauce, and then served on the classic McDonald’s sesame seed bun. Overall, it’s very similar to the delicious croquette burger served by Japan’s Mos Burger chain.

McDonald's McVeggie vegetarian burger

We’re no fans of McDonald’s but we had to admit we were impressed with the taste of this burger!

It tastes very similar to a croquette burger at Mos, which we love. It’s hard to say which one is better. I think the McVeggie tastes better, my husband says it’s close but Mos has the slight edge.

According to ads, the McVeggie is only staying at McDonalds during the ten day festival. On behalf of local vegetarian groups, contacted McDonald’s Thailand and asked that they add the McVeggie to the regular menu, as Burger King and Mos Burger have vegetarian burgers on their menus. McDonald’s said they would consider it.

If the McVeggie doesn’t make it to the regular menu it may have been our last for a while. There are way too many better vegetarian options thanks to the festival. Stay tuned for more news and photos from the Thai Vegetarian festival this week.


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