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Vegan Bodybuilding Cookbook

Build Muscle Mass With A Complete Plant Based Nutrition Plan!

Do these sound familiar to you?

  • "You Can't Build Muscles on A Plant Based Diet..."
  • "Where Do You Get Your Protein?..."
  • "But What Do You Eat?..."
  • "You Must Eat A Lot of Salad, Right?"
  • "I Feel So Weak Without Meat..."
  • "It’s Too Difficult to Do and Too Expensive."
  • "I Travel Too Much; Too Inconvenient to Be Vegan."

These myths are all too common, however thanks to much research they have all been defunt. Science shows that the right plant-based diet is one of the healthiest alternatives there is.

Thanks to a comprehensive product like this, you don't need to go through an entire lifetime of trial and error like I did.

You're not the only one
with these 'myths' and 'doubts'.

In fact, I was like that. When I transitioned to a plant based diet a couple of years ago, I had lots of doubts, concerns and limiting beliefs. I am training really heavy and hard for bodybuilding, and all these questions came to my mind. "How can I support my muscles?" , "Will I get everything I need on a plant based diet?", "What do I have to eat now?", "What can I eat to replace ... ? ", "Will I be able to grow muscles on plants?" and the list goes on.

I was always told that we need lots of animal products, especially egg whites and meat, in order to grow muscles (which is far from the truth..). I had no clue of how I can build muscles and improve my physique on a plant based diet. We all know that nutrition is a HUGE part of bodybuilding. In that moment, I realized that I was focusing on what I am going to eliminate from my diet rather than what I am going to add and eat. I got up and decided that I am going to make it happen. This is just the beginning. I am going to figure out how to build muscles on a plant based diet and live a healthier lifestyle. I will devote my life to helping others do the same!

Lots of trial and error. Endless hours of learning, testing, reading and coaching. Gaining experience and knowledge. I have learned how to eat and make healthy, plant based, muscle-building meals that promotes muscle mass gains, better recovery and great athletic performance.

You don't need to go through
An entire lifetime of trial and error like I did.

"I can't get enough calories on a plant based diet", "What do I have to eat on a vegan diet?", "I can't get enough protein to meet my needs..."

How many times have you heard, or even said these statements yourself? These statements are made by many people who have clearly never come across my book.

I am going to teach you step by step what to eat on a plant based diet, how to make sure you meet your personal needs, how to make tasty meals, gain muscles and achieve the results you are after. Say goodbye to the doubts and concerns. You will also learn everything you'll ever need to know about plant based cooking, how to save time preparing your food, eat outside, make healthy food choices and grow stronger!

Imagine if you had to do it all by yourself? Test , develop, go through all this trial and error and spend a lot of time and effort...

I did it for you. You are going to get all the techniques, tips, and healthy recipes in this book. This sort of education and knowledge is the highest form of leverage!

Here's a Sneak Peak of what's inside...


Taste-tested Smoothies

​Complete Nutritional Guides

Packed With More Than
80 Recipes and bonuses That Will Help You:

You don't have to be a master chef! These are easy, step-by-step recipes that will help you achieve your goals and improve your cooking skills whether you are an expert or a complete beginner.

  • Enhance Muscle Gain
  • Improve Your Health
  • Increase Your Daily Calories While Eating Healthy
  • Recover More Quickly and Support your Body's Needs
  • Make Tasty and Healthy Meals for You and Your Family

It's time to break down the myths and nonsense lies and learn how to get maximum results on a plant based diet.

No quick fixes. I am going to take you by the hand and teach you how to master your nutrition and get the physique of your dreams!

It's not JUST a recipe book.... you get a whole lot more!

Below is just a few of the additional extra's to support your journey to ultimate fitness and health...




What "Muscle on Plants" is not...

  • This is not one of those "eat a lot calorie-dense foods (drink oils, eat all kinds of nuts, seeds, nut butter) and easily gain weight"
  • This is not one of those "eat a lot of junk food (chocolate, Oreo, cakes, etc.) and you will easily gain weight"
  • This is not a "buy those pills, gainers, powders, etc."

Here is what you get within your "Muscle on Plants" package

Keep one thing in mind: your product is the solution. At first, don't talk about it in terms of a product. Talk about how you found a solution and about how this same solution can help others too. Why do all this? Because if you set it up right, you will be the opposite of the slimy, used car salesman stereotype we all despise... you will not be pushing product, you'll be doing everyone a favor.

A Complete Nutrition Guide

Everything A Person Involved in Vegan and Raw Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness MUST Know About Nutrition For Best Results.

Touching all the nutrition aspects of a plant based diet when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness in order to maximize your results in gaining muscles, losing fat and improving your performance.

- How To Build Your Own Meal Plan

- How to Balance Your Macronutrients

- Pre + Post Workout Nutrition

- Food Preparation and Storage

- Important Micronutrients and How To Get Them on a Plant Based Diet

- Correct Food Combining Principles

- Supplements Guide Included

- Meal Plan Samples for Both Vegans and Raw Vegans

- And So Much More...

Value - $27

Plant Based Bodybuilding - Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid!

The Top 10 Mistakes That Kill Your Muscle Gains...And How to Avoid Them. A controversial report about the biggest mistakes people make when trying to build a ripped, muscular physique.

Value - $17

Free Updates & Additional Bonuses for Life!

With the "Muscles On Plants VIP Membership" you are NEVER outdated! I am always working on improving the products and including new updates and bonuses. Everytime a new upgrade or a new edition comes out, you will receive free access to the new revised edition! No upgrade costs, or hidden subscription costs. You will be notified and able to access my private members area and easily find the new version or bonus.

Value - $67

A Complete Food Table

Easy to follow, complete food table to help you vary your food options when doing grocery shopping and choosing foods in the different categories according to your goals.The Complete Food Table will provide you with tons of options and information about food items you can buy and add to your grocery list.

Value - $12

Training And Food Logs

Keep track of your progress with these training and food logs. Writing in a journal allows you to record your daily progress. Every single day you record small daily acts of progress, which will give you motivation to keep on going and inspire you. The training logs also include Resistance training, Cardio & HIIT charts. The food log sheets provide easy tracking of your food, macros and calories on a daily basis.

Value - $22

VIP Membership Card

This is one of the most valuable bonuses I could ever possibly give you as part of this package. Regardless of how complete that package may be, you’ll probably have a question or two. As soon as you purchase Muscles on Plants Muscle Gaining Package, you will get access to my private customer only area where I hang out every day and I will PERSONALLY answer every question you have. You’ll get the answers you need about getting started, motivation, training, supplements, nutrition, injuries, or just about anything else you can think of – I’ve got you covered!

That's right.. you get access to me as your personal coach for as long as you need me. Ask me anything at anytime, I'l be there for you.

Value - $199.00. Your Price - Free

Total Value Of The Package If Bought Seperately:$345
All These Are Included For
FREE in This Offer.

You're not even going to pay anything close to that price. Because I’m on a mission to help vegetarians and vegans (and those who are looking to transition to a plant based diet!) gain muscles, be fit and become healthier, I’m more than happy to discount the entire package all the way down...By acting right now, you get my entire Vegan Muscle Gaining Package for only…US$42

This is where the BIG REVEAL happens

$42 will get you all of

Here's a couple of the benefits of Muscle on Plants...

  • 1
    It's a comprehensive program, not just a book.
  • 2
    Lifetime updates of the program.
  • 3
    80+ delicious plant based recipes.

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Ebook + free bonuses today

It's time to break down the myths and nonsense
lies and learn how to get maximum results on a plant based diet!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Click below to get your
Ebook + free bonuses today

It's time to break down the myths and nonsense
lies and learn how to get maximum results on a plant based diet!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


A Few More Testimonials
To Prove it Works for Real People

If you have any doubts right now that a vegan lifestyle is suitable for someone who's into fitness or bodybuilding, you're probably not the first one who's skeptical.

"Actually I KNOW that you're not the first one because it was the same with me when I started my vegan journey. I had made my decision to go vegan and knew that i'd never go back, but I wasn't sure how it would affect my results as a bodybuilder. Now that I'm already vegan for a couple of years, I can tell you that there's absolutely no need to have any doubts. If you eat and train properly, you can and will reach your athletic goals without one single animal product. Sivan make it so easy by creating this cookbook filled with healthy, mouthwatering recipes that will be perfect for anyone who is looking to build muscles, improve health and add more variety to the diet plan. So many great recipes to choose from. "

Arvid Beck - Bodybuilder and Vegan


Sivan Belko

Sivan is a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast, motivational speaker and vegan. She is passionate about health and nutrition (obviously!).

Shane Melaugh Creator of Muscles on Plants

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Ebook + free bonuses today

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Click below to get your
Ebook + free bonuses today

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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