The 12-Month
Vegetarian Body Program

All known by one nameGandhiNewtonDa VinciFranklinEdisonTeslaFordDarwin and Thoreau. All Vegetarians.

A real vegetarian 
has an arsenal.

A plan.
A strategy.

A real vegetarian is disciplined. A real vegetarian doesn’t yield to the common mistakes of modern day vegetarians.

All conquered greatness. Steve JobsSeinfieldPamela AndersonMarilyn MonroeEllen DeGeneres and Bill ClintonCarl LewisBill Pearl and Jack LalanneAll Vegetarians. A superior immune system, low body-fat percentage, increased muscle strength, abundant and vibrant energy. The benefits from leading a vegetarian lifestyle are never-ending.

Yet despite the plethora of positives, few truly embrace a vegetarian lifestyle. Even fewer associate vegetarians with lean muscle mass, strength and fitness. The stereotype between what a normal vegetarian looks like and a real, natural vegetarian cannot be further apart! The difference is massive.

The 12-Month V-Body Program is designed to give you the best body of your existence. Whether that is to shed weight, bulk up or create abundant natural energy then this program is for you.

When you look back over the last year, are you happy with how your body has changed? Many aren’t. Many find themselves stuck in a rut. If you happen to fall into this category and are interested in a complete paradigm shift then try our 12-Month V-Body Program.

For under $12 each month for 12 months you will receive

the following from the 12-Month V-Body Program:

  • 1
    A comprehensive nutritional plan. This includes points on bulking, toning, and losing weight. The plan is not monotonous. The only thing it will keep you hungry for healthy, fitness & family-friendly dietary approved meals that will salivate your taste buds.
  • 2
    A multi-stage fitness plan. This training program is based on the most recent research, with routines to keep you motivated.
  • 3
    An information audio guest interview. Each month you will hear from elite vegetarians at the top of their game.
  • 4
    A weekly five-minute imprint. These short ‘imprints’ are action-orientated mental exercises designed to improve your mindset, motivation and discipline to keep you on track.
  • 5
    A video tutorial. This short video is packed with tips and techniques for success in the kitchen and the gym.
  • 6
    Unlimited email consultation with Vegetarian Body. We will even personally call you for a quick chat to check in on your progress and results.

The Vegetarian Body Guarantee: You’ll get 12 resource-loaded packs to keep you going. If you stick with this program, you’ll see and feel amazing results. When this happens our job is done and you won’t need us anymore. Less than one year from now, you’ll be a stronger, healthier, more vibrant person… inside and out.

The next 12 months will pass anyway. 12 months from now, the champion in you will look back and be proud of the change you’ve accomplished. The change of course, comes down to you. Sign up now, check out our FAQ or email us for more information and get the seed planted to build a better body now.

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