Most people train ineffectively. Most people aren’t getting more vibrant. Most people aren’t getting stronger, leaner, bigger. Each year more research based studies are done that show us better ways to train. Learn how to target your muscles correctly, how to train what body parts together and the plan that suits best for you. By allowing us to hold your hand (and with the follow through on your behalf), you’ll see massive improvements in your results.

You’ll be trading in the old-school approach of longer military style regimes for more intense, hypertrophic workouts. The average workout is 30 to 45 minutes and focuses on intensity and hypertrophy, research-based training.

The V-Body 12 Month Program will be your fitness bible for the next 12 months. It outlines each exercise with proper form and teaches you how to customize the program to reach your personal fitness goals.

The 12 Month V-Body Program will attack
Your body and mind from six different directions:


There is no measuring food, counting calories, watching portion sizes. The key to any success is in its simplicity.
A correct plant-based diet fuels your muscles and helps your body recover more quickly from intense workouts than you would ever have thought possible. From delicious recipes to daily meal schedules, the 12 Month V-Body Program teaches you how to eat the right stuff for maximum results.

We’ll teach you what supplements and vitamins are effective and what have been scientifically proven to be ineffective (yet, thanks to all the marketing money are still continually used).

The best bodies are built in the kitchen first and gym second. Between the team at Vegetarian Body, a professional vegetarian bodybuilder, a couple of Personal Trainers and dietician, we have developed the V-Menu. We have all work together to provide you with one of the most nutrient rich, mouth-watering, fitness nutritional plans you will find. This V-Menu will provide you with the right amount of nutrients so you can burn fat while building lean muscles. And yes, the V-Plan is customizable and there is also a vegan option.

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