Protein Sources for Raw Food Diets

by in Recipes 29/04/2015


Given that cooked meat is the most common source of protein for most people, there is frequent apprehension around how to get enough protein on a raw food diet. Fortunately, there are certainly several exceedingly excellent sources of plant protein that can provide most of the other nutrition that meat presents as well.

Hemp Seeds

Two great sources of protein for vegans and raw food eaters that you may not be aware of are Spirulina and hemp seeds. Spirulina is a variety of fast growing algae that are found naturally in fresh water alkaline lakes, and is easier to digest than some other kinds of seaweed and algae harvested from the ocean.

Spirulina is an outstanding substitute for animal meat, and it’s ideal for vegans or individuals who cannot eat raw fish or sushi. It includes about seventy percent protein and is also a healthy source of iron and vitamin B12, which meat generally supplies.

Another benefit of Spirulina is that it’s full of omega 3-fatty acids. These are the same beneficial fats which are found in cold water fish oil. So if you do not like the flavor of fish oil, or if you’re fully committed to a vegan diet, you can still get your healthy fats by including Spirulina in your diet.

Hemp seeds often do not get the acclaim they are due as a food source because individuals confuse hemp with marijuana. While both plants are part of the cannabis family, industrial hemp – the variety used for food and materials – does not have the psychoactive effect that it’s marijuana cousin has.

Actually, industrial hemp is not only a good source of healthy vital fats, it is also a great source of protein. Its amino acid composition is comparable to soy, eggs, meat and milk. Therefore, it is an excellent protein source to include in a raw food diet. Hemp seeds are a complete food source. They provide all the essential amino and fatty acids that humans need.

There are several other plant-based sources for protein that most vegans and raw food eaters are aware of, such as sprouts, green leafy veggies and, of course, nuts and seeds. So, there’s no cause for alarm if you have not decided yet to “upgrade” your diet.


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