Road Trip Rules for Vegetarian Eating

by in Blog 22/11/2015


This holiday season many of you will head out on the road to visit family or friends in other cities and states. Such a journey can help you create cherished holiday memories and be a stress release this time of year.

As a vegetarian or vegan driving from place to place, you'll likely pass through unfamiliar territory when it comes to food choices. In your town you already know the closest place to get a veggie sandwich or the best soy latte. But on the road, you may drive though places you know nothing about. Depending on what part of the country you’re traveling through, your vegetarian choices may be limited, even nonexistent.

Sure, you can survive on chips and candy bars at truck stops and convenience stores along the way, but a road trip requires hearty meals of real food that will sustain you though the long haul. Plus it’s really unhealthy and you’re likely to feel like crap after eating junk food all day. Not a good way to show up for a holiday gathering.

Here are some tips to help you avoid pretzel and potato chip meals on your next road trip:

  1. Plan stops ahead of time. Do a little online research on the route you plan to take. Are there any vegetarian-friendly stops along the way? If there are, plan your trip so the meal stops you make coincide with places you can get vegetarian food.
    • Use a map to plot out your stops, and then research the available eating options in each location, or plot your stops only at places you already know have vegetarian options.
  2. Pack healthy snacks. Even with planning meal stops and eating on schedule, you’re bound to get the urge to snack when you’re on a road trip. Take along a small cooler with cut vegetables and fruits, maybe a few veggie sandwiches to satisfy your inklings to nibble and keep you fresh as you view the countryside.
    • Carrot, celery sticks, nuts are all healthy and easy to eat while you’re driving. Bring along some salsa or hummus for dipping and make it a hearty snack at a rest stop.
    • Fruits like apples, bananas, grapes and berries are convenient, healthy, and not messy while you're trying to drive.
  3. Use location aware smartphone apps like Foursquare. The Foursquare app is indispensable when visiting a new place. The app uses GPS to show you what hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and other businesses are in your current vicinity.
    • When driving through unfamiliar territory, use Foursquare to find vegetarian restaurants near your current location. When you see a place you're interested in, the app can tell you if it’s open and show you how to get there.
    • This app is great for finding local mom-pop businesses that didn’t show up in your pre-trip research and may even reveal a few gems that you’ll want to stop at again on your way back!

Road trips can be a lot of fun! The right snacks will keep you energized and focused while you drive. Make your trip even more exciting by discovering new places to stop and sample vegetarian dishes at restaurants you’ve never been to.



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