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by in Blog, Recipes, Vegan, Vegetarian Recipes 25/02/2019

Ciambotta A southern Italy stew, Ciambotta is a very light and adaptive dish. Traditionally it is made with potato, eggplants, tomato and zucchini. I have added bell peppers for sweetness and chickpeas to make it more filling. You can go on and add beans and vegetables to your own liking. Perfectly suitable for those lazy […]

Garden Gazpacho with Garbanzo

by in Blog, Recipes, Vegan, Vegetarian Recipes 19/02/2019

Garden Gazpacho with Garbanzo Gazpacho is a Spanish cold soup usually made with stale bread, olive oil, tomatoes and cucumber. To make it higher in protein and lower in fat, I have substituted the bread and olive oil with garbanzo beans and cumin powder. Personally (although biased!), I think this tastes better. A selection of […]