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A Guide to Making Your Own Spices

by in Blog, Gardening 29/01/2016

READING TIME: 2 MINUTES Have you ever gone to the supermarket to buy a particular spice and were shocked at the price? Spices can get expensive — really expensive — especially if they are organic. And did you know that many supermarket spices are known to contain fillers? So not only are spices expensive, you’re […]

7 Tips for Brewing Kombucha Tea

by in Health 08/04/2015

7 TIPS FOR BREWING KOMBUCHA TEA I became hooked on kombucha tea years ago. I initial tried it for it’s detoxification properties but I started drinking it more often for the natural energy boost. Given that it is such a healthy drink, it’s a much better alternative to energy drinks.Kombucha tea has been around for […]

A Guide to Food Canning and Freezing

by in Gardening 26/04/2014

Freezing and canning are wonderful ways to preserve the bounty of your garden, local market, and/or even sales at your grocery store. If you’ve never preserved food before, it may seem a bit overwhelming. Maybe you’ve dabbled a bit in canning or freezing (most of us freeze foods at one time or another!), but you’ve […]

Benefits of Drying Vegetables and Fruits

by in Gardening 23/04/2014

Have you ever been faced with a garden full of produce you weren’t sure what to do with? Or maybe the grocery store or farmers’ market had a sale, and you wish you could take advantage of that much fresh food but you’re afraid it will go to waste. Maybe you’ve thought of canning, but […]

Now You’re Composting, What Next?

by in Composting, Gardening 18/04/2014

If you’ve followed along in our series, by now you’ve got a compost pile that you’re adding to on a daily basis. At this point, you’re probably thinking of how you want to use your compost and when you can start reaping the benefits of what you’ve sown so far. We’ll get into that in […]