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End Your Dependence on Energy Drinks

by in Blog, Drinks, Health 01/09/2018

I admit, I do enjoy energy drinks from time-to-time. As a coffee drinker, sometimes when I’d like to have a boost in hot weather, a cold energy drink does the trick. My husband is web programmer and used to drink Red Bull every day, programming well into the night. I think Red Bull is one […]

5 Strategies to Become Addicted to Exercise

by in Health 22/02/2016

Do you truly enjoy exercising? Or does it seem more like a chore? If the thought of putting your body through strenuous drills is keeping you from working out, then it’s time to switch things up. With some adjustment and focus, you can create a positive relationship with exercise today! I’m addicted to exercise, but […]

Lose 30 Pounds in 6 Weeks… But How?

by in Diet, Fitness, Health 07/01/2016

READING TIME: 2 MINUTES Trying to lose weight is one of those age old dilemmas which many of us continue to face. Especially now in the information age, there are so many “quick fixes” for losing weight that you’re likely to end up more confused than successful on your weight loss mission. Here’s one proven […]

Pilates for Panic attacks

by in Health 13/06/2015

READING TIME: 4 MINUTES Remedies For Panic Attacks. No one desires to have panic attacks, but they could come about any time you are exposed to situations which usually result in stress. Good results involving daily exercises and yoga should be to lower stress in order to relax your mind so in which you are generally […]

The History of Yoga

by in Blog, Health 12/06/2015

READING TIME: 2 MINUTES Yoga derives from yog the Sanskrit word for union or yoke. Yoga then is a fusion of the body with the mind. Largely known to many people as a system of mental and physical exercises which facilitate meditation and flexibility, Yoga has been practiced for several thousand years. Some adherents of Yoga […]