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Creative Ways to Enjoy Kimchi

by in Health 06/04/2014

Kimchi to Koreans is like pasta to Italians or bread to Americans. Kimchi is a fermented side dish of vegetables with different seasonings that originated from Korea and is popular in Japan and other Asian countries. Most Koreans consider a meal incomplete without kimchi. My husband and I love Kimchi. One of our favorite dining […]

Probiotic Myths Busted

by in Health 05/04/2014

In our home, we love fermented foods and practice preparing them ourselves instead of buying them at the store. Sauerkraut, kimchi, and various pickled vegetables are some of our favorites. Some think pickled vegetables are just junk food, but fermented foods can actuality help to improve your health and wellness. There’s a lot of misinformation […]

Bacteria in Food Are Not Always a Bad Thing

by in Health 03/04/2014

You’ve probably been prescribed antibiotics throughout your life to fight infections. And you’ve definitely seen antibacterial soaps and detergents. That must mean all bacteria are bad, right? The truth is that many bacteria are actually very good for the body. Antibiotics don’t just kill of bacteria that cause illness, they also get rid of the […]