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Now You’re Composting, What Next?

by in Composting, Gardening 18/04/2014

If you’ve followed along in our series, by now you’ve got a compost pile that you’re adding to on a daily basis. At this point, you’re probably thinking of how you want to use your compost and when you can start reaping the benefits of what you’ve sown so far. We’ll get into that in […]

Create a Healing Garden

by in Gardening, Health 11/04/2014

A healing or therapeutic garden is an outdoor garden designed to be a physical, psychological, social and spiritual area that acts as a “healing space.” It can be a nice place to have tea with friends and family, a quiet, peaceful retreat you can turn to anytime for stress relief, and an dedicated area to […]

Composting: Getting Your Hands Dirty

by in Composting, Gardening 09/04/2014

In this article series about composting, we’ve gone through the benefits to yourself and the environment, misconceptions, methods and tools needed. Now it’s time to start getting your hands dirty! In reality, as you’ve learned so far, you’ll use tools to work with your compost, so you won’t be getting your hands dirty. In this […]

Composting Tools of the Trade

by in Composting, Gardening 08/04/2014

Getting to Know Your Composting Equipment The equipment you use in your composting will help make or break your pursuits of building your compost. If you are really bent on making the most of your composting goals, a good familiarization of the tools that will help you achieve your goals is very much appropriate. The […]

Composting Methods and Ensuring Success

by in Composting, Gardening 06/04/2014

Ensuring Success in Your Composting Venture: Creating Your Own Ecosystem Compost making is a simple process. Done properly it becomes a natural part of your gardening or yard maintenance activities, just like mowing the lawn or trimming hedges. Making compost does not have to take any more effort than bagging up yard waste. To me, […]