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Mediterranian Cucumber Salad

by in Blog, Recipes, Vegan, Vegetarian Recipes 19/02/2019

Meditteranian Cucumber Salad This salad is refreshing by itself or as a great side-dish, especially to summer barbeque or grills. The key secret here for its taste is that the cucumber (preferably garden-fresh) is soaked up in chilled mint yogurt dressing which has been sweetened with raisins. With the addition of walnuts, it has a […]

13 Vegetarian Sandwiches Easy to Pack for Your Workday Lunch

by in Recipes 07/10/2015

READING TIME: 5 MINUTES 4/11/2014 reposted thanks to HellaVellaBy Melissa ValliantWe like sandwiches. Hearty, filling, non-wimpy sandwiches. And we like Meatless Monday. But we had trouble showing our appreciation for both of these things on Mondays when we wanted to bring our sandwiches to work for lunch. When you can’t make a delicious, gooey grilled cheese […]