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The Powers of a Positive Attitude

by in Blog, General, Mindset 19/03/2019

I am going to ask you to something very weird right now. First of all, I want you to listen to your thoughts. Now tell me, what thoughts fill your head? Would you label them as positive, or negative?Now let’s say you are walking down the street with these thoughts. Do you think anyone who […]

Genuine Happiness Comes from Within

by in Blog, General, Mindset 19/02/2019

Life isn’t the sweetest candy. Sometimes, when I feel like the world is just too heavy, I look around and find people who continued to live fascinating and wonderful lives. And then thoughts come popping into my mind like bubbles from nowhere – “How did their life become so adorably sweet? How come they still […]

Enjoy Your Life: Change Your Point of View

by in Blog, General, Mindset 12/02/2019

” “Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one sees the stars.” Frederick Langbridge​/ A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts If you’ve placed second in a writing contest, will you jump for joy and push for better results the next time or will you be discouraged and find an excuse not to […]