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Vegetarian Confession: I Don’t Eat Salad

by in Blog 04/06/2018

READING TIME: 5 MINUTES I have nothing against salad, and we do have them from time to time. But I never make them at home. If I have a salad it’s usually because it comes with my meal when we’re at a restaurant. I make the point that we rarely eat salad because there is a […]

Lose 30 Pounds in 6 Weeks… But How?

by in Diet, Fitness, Health 07/01/2016

READING TIME: 2 MINUTES Trying to lose weight is one of those age old dilemmas which many of us continue to face. Especially now in the information age, there are so many “quick fixes” for losing weight that you’re likely to end up more confused than successful on your weight loss mission. Here’s one proven […]