• Anonymous says:


    This cook book really is a classic. I checked it out from the library and found a lot of recipes that I could use without buying fancy ingredients. It’s well rounded, even if you’re not a vegetarian, it has great ideas for different meals.

  • Chris says:


    I was looking for a vegetarian recipe book because I want to eat healty, so I was very surprised these recipes used a lot of ‘canned’ foods. Plus, it was difficult reading the recipes because of the Metric/Imperial/ & American measurements and the type is pretty small. On the plus side, with 1000 recipes I’m sure to find many new ideas.

  • Matt Dunstone says:


    Everything in this book is written in metric first. Such as 30 ml of breatd crumbs and so on. Then there is a regular conversion which makes it hard to read when you are cooking. Some of words used for the ingredients aren’t familiar but usually they have the regular “American” version written next to it to help such as 2 courgettes(zucchini). Still it is a useful book if you need a different recipe every night of the week.

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