• Molly says:


    Even if you never use a single recipe from this book, the amusing commentary blurbs make it worth reading. Jay Weinstein has a great sense of humor which is shown in several little textboxes throughout this cookbook.
    By the way, you shouldn’t have any problems using recipes from this book. There are many yummy ones to choose from, with clear and easy-to-follow directions, as well as useful information on vegetarianism. I think this is a great book, not just for vegetarians, but for people who have decided to eat healthier by having a few meatless nights, or parents who may be struggiling to find something to cook for their newly vegetarian son or daughter.
    Oh, one more plus. This book is NOT filled with exotic expensive items you’ll have to raid specialty shops for. You can find most of what you’ll need at a regular grocery store.

  • L. DeSalvo says:


    I’m not a vegetarian, but I eat very healthy. This book has a ton of things I can make and my whole family will eat. Worth the price just for the Saffron Rissotto on Page 139!

  • Jolee M. Josephs says:


    I have never written a review for Amazon before. Never had a reason to. But Everything Vegetarian is simply the most AMAZING cookbook out there. My husband told me that he would be happy to eat vegetarian meals if I fixed them. So, not being a cook in any way, I set out to find recipes I could try. I must have purchased ten cookbooks. Most are decent. Some things good, some things not so good. But EVERY SINGLE recipe in Everything Vegetarian turns out perfectly. Most recipes have a Mediterranean touch, using toasted cumin seeds and the like. And Mr. Weinstein explains clearly each step in the recipe. There is never a question of “What does THAT mean?” or “Where would I find THAT ingredient.” He tells you everything. I genuinely wish I could find this man and kiss his feet.

  • Jaqueline M. Bolling says:


    This was given as a gift and they are thouroughly enjoying all the recipes the book has to offer.

  • Frank Espada says:


    As recent arrivals in the vegetarian world, we are very pleased with this informative and well-written book.

    We look forward to many healthy meals, without the gnawing feeling that some animal was killed to feed our carnivore tastes.

    Well done, and thanks.

  • rancid-tea says:


    Just about all of the recipes in this book have ingredients anyone can find in their local grocery store and the instructions are clear and simple. I recommend this book to all my friends looking to add more vegetarian meals to their repertoire. I’ve been eating vegetarian for over 12 years, and this is my favorite veggie recipe book to date. All the recipes I’ve tried have been winners.

  • Hannah M. Labudde says:


    This book is awesome!! It gives you many great recipies that are great for everyone, including those who aren’t vegitarian. They are also easy to make, and the ingredients are not very expensive. Great for everyday use!

  • Mary A. Wirpel says:


    i have tried quite a few of these recipes and were surprisingly VERY GOOd…not to mention i have lost some weight!! YAY!

  • Peter John Pols says:


    Clear and easy-to-follow directions! This great book is filled with superb ideas, methods and simple recipes for veggie eaters. This book serves vegetarians well by offering truly tasteful, healthy recipes that we can enjoy either as a main course or side dish while not spending hours in the kitchen. Well done! This cookbook is a complete, comprehensive guide to cooking vegetarian.

    I have a large variety of cookbooks, but this one offers many different recipes and ways to try new foods or new preparations of familiar foods. I’ll go months sometimes without looking at this book. Every time I go back to it, I’m impressed by how good it is.

    Not only does this book have great recipes, but it will totally add ideas to your cooking arsenal.

    This book is truly useful for those that are interested in becoming vegetarians, or even vegans. It’s definitely one of the first books I would recommend to those moving from meat to meatless. There are a couple of others that you could also read and gain a wealth of knowledge and recipes from:

    221 New Vegetarian Dishes

    Delicious, Healthy And Easy – Tom’s Vegetarian Cookbook: Easy Yummy And Nutritional Vegan Recipes

    The Black Art Of Cooking: The Raw Truth

    The Golden Age Vegetarian Cook Book

    Vital Facts about Foods: Included: 200 + Longevity recipes & 250 Food Analyses References

    For each of these books you can rely on, I love vegetables, and everything I have tried in these books was just great. In fact, between them all, I have really come to rely on them book not only for recipes, but for reference as well.

  • Daisy Primrose says:


    My sister uses this cookbook all the time and there isn’t a bad recipe in the bunch. So many of these recipes you will go to again and again as staples to make ordinary food extraordinary.

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