• Lisa Linnell-Olsen says:


    With “The Starving Students Vegetarian Cookbook” students can enjoy inexpensive home-cooked fare while dirtying as few dishes as possible.

    According to the University of Alaska Fairbanks bookstore, it is a top non-fiction best seller for college bookstores. Dede Halls vegetarian cookbook delivers quick, cheap and delicious meals that anyone can prepare. If your mother never showed you how to make an egg-salad sandwich, there is no need to fret. Not only can you learn how to make an egg-salad sandwich, but you can also try dishes like “Lynn’s tofu spinach lasagna” and “onion potato soup.”

    The cookbook lists the staples one needs to have on hand to prepare these simple vegetarian meals. There is enough variety to avoid boredom. Many of the recipes will be ready in less than 15 minutes. The reduced number of dishes used in cooking is of benefit to college students on a tight budget.

    Hall includes cleaning and shopping tips for those who are just now becoming responsible for their own homes. Tips like how to shop for citrus fruits or how to chop onions are scattered throughout the book.
    I tried a few recipes out for myself, and was very pleased with the results. The chile rellenos were easy to make, and very tasty. Using only a few ingredients (eggs, cheese, baking mix, milk and green chilis), the dish was easy to prepare and a big hit with my family.
    The zucchini enchiladas also made a wonderful meal. Using flour tortillas and canned sauce, they were quick to prepare with excellent results.
    There are several other promising recipes I intend to try: Caribbean red beans and rice, banana fritters, and Spanish corn bread are just a few.
    My only complaint is that there is no nutritional analysis of the foods. As many vegetarians are health-conscious, this would have been a nice feature. Still, the recipes do seem to be nutritious as well as simple. With the busy schedule and tight budgets of most students, this is a useful book full of culinary ideas that will appeal to vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike.

  • Anonymous says:


    I’m not a student, but, since I don’t make much money and am short on time, I decided to order this book. I found this book extremely helpful with wonderful recipes that can be made in no time. The “Easy Stroganoff” was delicious, as was the “Spinach Tofu Lasagna.” Most recipes include some sort of protein and vegetable mix, so they seem pretty nutritious. I have recommended this book to my friends and will continue to use it myself. I just wish there were more cookbooks like this out there!

  • Jessica Burns says:


    I recieved this book for xmas and it has got to be the most detailed easy to follow book ever! the food i have made so far was sooo easy to make and it was soo tasty!
    many vegatarian books have recipes that are all fancy with expensive ingredients.. this book makes GREAt food that is not expensive at ALL! it definatly gives me hope to make good edible (hahahha) food for when im in college!

  • Tiffany Kuhn says:


    This cookbook is one of my favorites. The best one for me was the “Easy Stroganoff”..the best dish I have ever had. The recipes are simple, easy, and cheap. Make sure you have “veggie crumbles” on hand for a few of the recipes ( you can buy those at most grocery stores). I love this book, although it doesn’t have nutritional information which would have been a plus. Overall, well worth the money.

  • Jansen says:


    When I was in college several years ago, a relative gave me a copy of “The Starving Student’s Cookbook”. I loved it! I was semi-vegetarian at the time and I was pleased that the book had a chapter of vegetarian recipes.

    Since graduating I have become more vegetarian so I was delighted to find that Dede Hall had written a book focusing on vegetarian cooking. The recipes in this book are easy to make and delicious. I have purchased several vegetarian and vegan cookbooks but they all seem to contain exotic ingredients that I can’t find in my area, even at organic food stores. Other problems I had were that the recipes were complicated, time-consuming, and sometimes not even palatable when completed. This book changed that for me!

    Some of my favorite recipes are Garlic Pull-aparts (great with italian dishes although it’s listed in the breakfast chapter), Peanut Butter soup, Easy Stroganoff, Just Right Stew, and Lynne’s Tofu Spinach Lasagne. Those are just the stand-outs for me. I go back to this book again and again because the recipes are so tasty and varied.

    I would also recommend this book to anyone who is considering going vegetarian. The recipes are so easy to prepare and so good that you won’t miss meat-based dishes–a problem I had when starting out.

    Another reviewer mentioned the fact that worcestershire sauce is used in one of the recipes and that it contains anchovies. Please, guys, use common sense when buying and read the list of ingredients. There are several brands of vegetarian worcestershire sauce on the market or you can make your own by looking up a recipe online. Also, some vegetarians might classify themselves as vegan, lacto/ovo vegetarian, or “flexitarian” i.e. mostly vegetarian but occasionally eat meat. These recipes can be adjusted to suit your needs.

    I would even recommend purchasing Dede Hall’s first book and substituting vegetarian “meat” in the recipes, many varieties such as Morningstar Veggie Crumbles and Steak strips are now available in most grocery stores.

    I like these books so much that I have bought copies for friends. Enjoy!

  • Lisa M. Poole says:


    My mom got this book for me when I first moved out on my own and it saved my life! I never cooked before, and I almost make at least one thing out of here every day!

    Favorites of the boyfriend (a carnivore) and myself include the Gourmet Mushroom Burger, almost all the pastas and the Zuchinni Omlette.

    a note to the reviewers “Disappointed” and “Buyer Beware” below. You just have to carefully read labels in the items you buy! You don’t have to follow the recipes to a T, I substitute You can’t believe it’s not butter Light, or use a canola oil spray instead plain butter. Reduced-fat cheese works just as well as regular. And there are brands of worsteshire sauce that don’t have anchovies, I live in SoCal and Ralph’s brand is veggie friendly! just a head’s up.

  • J. Samimi says:


    I first checked out this book when I was taking the plunge into vegetarianism. I found the recipes tasty and easy. The only problem I had was I do not own a microwave, so I had to adjust and do things on the stove. Now, nnearly four years into my meat-free diet, I find myself living in a cramped studio with the tinest kitchen I’ve ever seen (my fridge isn’t even in the kitchen it is so small). So, I brought “The Starving Students’ Vegetarian Cookbook” off of the bookshelf and back into my kitchen. The recipes are fast, easy, and tasty-and don’t take up a lot of space to prepare.

  • Rachel Isreal says:


    Having been vegetarian for a short period of time, I was worried about how I was going to eat when I went from full-time student and part-time worker to working the 40 hour weeks with an hour commute round-trip.

    There are so many facets of the book that I applaud:

    Most importantly, Starving Students vegetarianizes the comfort foods that students (and busy professionals) crave . . . just like mom used to make. There isn’t much glamour to many of the recipes, but that’s a refreshing change from many of the cookbooks I’ve bought in the past. You don’t go to this book for a sophisticated, gourmet meal. You go because you’re hungry, don’t have time to chop 50 things, and want to feel full and satisfied. Another thrilling point is that the majority of the recipes are prepared in under 20 minutes, and those that take longer involve baking in a oven with a short prep time (though I wish the time indicated on the recipes differentiated between the amount of time you’re actively cooking).

    And finally, I am so relieved to find a vegetarian cookbook with ingredients that I have heard of and have seen in a regular grocery store. There’s nothing more frustrating than perusing a cookbook and getting excited about a recipe to only find that I would need to go to a specialty store to find ONE ingredient that I may never use again. The ingredients are simple, easily obtained, and though most of the recipes are for 1-2 servings, you can very easily double the ingredients so you have leftovers for lunch and avoid half an onion sitting in the fridge.

    While I didn’t find them particularly useful, there are lists included to help you stock your kitchen (basic supplies, utensils, appliances, and cooking ingredients sorted by supermarket department). There also are hints and tips to chopping and preparing for the easily-intimidated.

    This isn’t a book intended for the gourmet vegetarian chef. However, if the gourmet chef was exhausted, had a slow week at the restaurant and needed to pinch pennies, he or she would go to this book for some vegetarian comfort food.

  • Siobhan B. Corey says:


    This is one of the few books that really IS practical for a vegetarian college student like me. I love this book, and it is really fabulous for getting you started in everyday vegetarian cooking, and healthy too! I really do wish it had nutrition info, but I just sit down and figure it out for the recipe I’m doing before/while its cooking. Many of the recipes are wonderful and surprisingly low cal. My favorite is the creamy broccoli soup, but I find that rather than adding a little rice to the soup, I serve it over brown rice and it is WONDERFUL! Super easy, super cheap, and healthy. Oh, and did I mention its just about 100% kitchenette compatible!! I only wish I had this when I was living in the dorms, I might not have gained those freshman-15. This really is a must-buy graduation gift.

  • kate love says:


    This is a great book to cook out of when my husband is traveling and it’s just me & the kids. With kids, I need healthy, not lots of left overs, quick, and variety. My husband and I both have experience cooking, and like books like this as they give us new ideas to spring our newest creations off of. These “begginer” recipe books are also great for more experienced, creative chefs. We aren’t vegetarians, but there are recipes that meat could be added into. It is hard to come by great vegetable recipes and recipes with lots of healthy ingredients like fiber and vitamins. So this book is great health wise. I’ve found a few good veggie recipe websites, but this book is also a must! I will be ordering more for gifts. I wish the author would combine this one with the original in a binder type book, so it would be easier to leave open on the counter.

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