• Josh ( says:


    As I am writing this review, I am enjoying a deliciously easy recipe for “Scrambled Tofu”, which I have made several times since I received this book for a present a few weeks ago. This book is a life-saver! Before this book, I lived in fear of accidentally mixing two reactive compounds and poisoning myself. Hehe. After I bought all the required spices and food from my grocery store, I began to systematically do nearly every recipe in the book. So far, I have done about five, every one has been incredible! My favorite food to date: “Portabello Mushroom Fajitas!” Without this book, it is quite possible I would still eat meat or I’d be dead.

  • Heather B. says:


    Judy Krizmanic’s Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook has opened a world of simple, quick, nutritious and delicious vegetarian cooking. As a college student, it is often difficult to eat an exciting, well-balanced vegi diet, but this book has simplified many of these problems with her guide to dorm life. The “insanely easy” indicators often come in handy, too, especially during finals! People often approach me as a vegetarian and ask “well, if you can’t have meat, what can you have?”. This book answers that question with tons of delicious recipes that are simple and interesting. I especailly recommend the lazy lasagna, even my meat-eating father liked it!

  • Anonymous says:


    Getting teenagers to eat healthy meals isn’t always easy and vegetarian teens are no exception. The Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook by Judy Krizmanic provides a good selection of nutritious recipes that will appeal to vegetarian teenagers – as well as those whose teenage years are behind them.
    Besides offering a variety of recipes in sections typically found in most vegetarian recipe books, Krizmanic also includes useful chapters on “Easy Pasta Dishes” and “College Cuisine.” “The How-To-Get-Your-Nutrients Substitution Chart” and calcium and iron sources listed are informative and helpful as is a “Glossary of Basic Cooking Terms and Unusual Foods.” An icon pointing out those recipes that are easy to make is also useful.

  • Alice says:


    This book is really really good. The recipes are delicious and it’s easy to understand. It also has some useful nutrition information and some other tips. There was a breakfast chapter that I especielly liked cause I think it can be so hard to fin something that’s quick to make and that is nutritionus in the morning. But here you can find some good recipes. I recommend this to any vegetarian or vegan. The recipes are vegan but can be made with dairy products and eggs if you like. This is the best vegetarian cookbook I’ve ever read. Buy it you won’t be sorry =)

  • robbin says:


    i am the mom of 2 teens and i picked up this book for myself at the children’s school book fair!!! I am semi vegetarian…and i am trying to watch my diet so this book came in handy without boring me …it is dog earred already!!! the recipes are kind of ‘buried’ in the paragraphs which is a little bit frustrating…but you can flip thru the index to find a favorite…it does not have photographs but it does have illustrations in green and black…many of the facts are grouped into easy to find boxes…so this is a easy read…i recommend the book because you will not go broke by running out buying this item or that because many of us have these staple in our kitchen most of the time…you can also improvise on the recipes according to your tastes…who says adults cannot find gems of a book in the children’s book section?

  • K. McKenzie says:


    I checked out this cookbook from the library and as soon as I cracked it open I knew I needed a copy of my own. It is full of simple, tasty, and easy to prepare recipes. I really like how most of the recipes don’t require many special ingredients and how simple the directions are. I was a little apprehensive having made the decision to become a vegetarian but this cookbook gave me confidence I’d still be able to enjoy a flavorful variety of cuisine.

  • Berry Clementine says:


    The Teens Vegetarian Cookbook,arranged by Judy Krizmanic, includes commentaries from dozens of vegetarian and vegan teens on how they like to prepare their food and little tips like that applesauce tastes good with french toast, or what kinds of toppings taste good on a cheese-less pizza. There are even detailed instructions on how to cook spaghetti… for neophytes of the kitchen! I particularly like the section in the back on vegetarian survival in college as I will be heading off there myself in a couple years. There are handy lists and charts too, like how to mix and match to make a variety of pasta salads… or a sort of shopping list on the kinds of foods a vegetarian might want to stock their pantry with.

    The Teens Vegetarian Cookbook applies not only to vegetarians, but to vegans as well. If there’s a recipe that has some form of dairy product in it: cheese or milk, there is always an alternative listed. Crumbled tofu instead of feta cheese or soymilk instead or milk from cows. As far as recipes themselves, there are the classics, like pasta primavera, Mighty Minestrone soup, and traditional picnic potato salad, but there are also more CULTURAL selections such as Tabouli, Baba Ganouj, and mango salsa! Vegetarian cooking itself is a whole new world to explore, and this book can help you get a handel on it, in an easy-to-read, simple format.

    It’s a common misconception among the carnivores of our world that vegetarians eat only vegetables. That seems so silly when you think about it, but I’ve been asked dozens of times myself, questions like, “What on earth do you eat for dinner?” These kind of questions make me laugh inside because quite frankly, the folks who ask them have no idea what they’re missing. Besides, we vegetarians still eat junk food once in a while just like the rest of the world! There’s bread and pasta… I’ve even heard of vegan cookies (and tasted them too– they’re really good!) When I stopped relying on meat to be the center of the dinner plate, I ate my way into the delicious world that one can find outlined in a cookbook just like this one here, which I thouroughly enjoy cooking from.

  • C. James says:


    I chose to get this book because alot of vegetarian books make being vegetarian a complicated thing. I’m not a teen but I just wanted to get to the point. And this book does. Great reciepes!!

    Simple, fun and edible. Vegetarian made easy.

  • H. Fisher says:


    The Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook is a wealth of recipes and tips for new vegetarians. The recipes are split into chapters by meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – and there are also chapters for soups, desserts and college cuisine. The recipes can all be made vegan or vegetarian depending on the Teens choice. The recipes include new and different things letting teens explore Thai and Indian cuisine, but the cookbook also includes classic favorites like vegetarian egg salad and vegetarian BLT’s. Interspersed throughout the recipes is information about vegetarianism and vegans and tips for teens , for example telling them to add ingredients to their parents shopping list and choose a Saturday or Sunday to make dinner for the family. The book also stresses that teens should respect others lifestyle choices and understand that not all vegetarians have the same level of commitment.

    When I became a vegetarian at age 14 I ate grilled cheese sandwiches. I continued to eat grilled cheese sandwiches for the next year until I started making new friends who were vegan and vegetarian. That group of friends helped each other find recipes and cook together – but none of us ever dreamed a cool resource like this might have existed. I would have loved to have this book as a teen – and it’s worth owning for adults too!

  • Katie says:


    I LOVE this book! Being the only vegetarian in my family (and also being a ‘kid’)makes it really hard to find things to eat that are healthy that I still like. The Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook is the best cookbook I’ve ever used. The format is fantastic, the instructions are really simple to follow, the recipes don’t usually include strange things or anything that no one would actually eat. If you’re vegan, there are lots of really good recipes that don’t contain any animal products at all. This book isn’t just for vegetarians, though! I got my whole family eating some of it. They added meat to theirs, but they still love the pizza dough. I even make the Chocolate Coma Pie for a party and everyone ate it and enjoyed it. Whether you’re a teen, a parent, someone hoping to eat more healthy but still delicious food, or you were just dared to be vegetarian for a week, this book is the ULTIMATE!

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