• Vegan Momma says:


    Great and easy recipes! After trying a few of the dishes demonstrated on Toni’s Delicious TV Totally Vegetarian show (I’m now living on crispy, wonderful tofu bites) I pre-ordered her book. I am not disappointed! The book begins with basic lists of what belongs in a functional kitchen, and, more importantly, why it belongs there. The list is limited–not a dream kitchen–a working kitchen. The recipes are doable, delicious, and quick. Toni’s explanations are clear and the sequence is logical. I found a special feature for those moving into a more vegetarian lifestyle! There is an “if you like . . . then try” section in the back. So for instance, if you like beef stock, then try porcini stock. Fabulous! If you’re a vegan already this is a great book for you. There are very few recipes with eggs or dairy, and even in these it’s usually optional.

    What I love though is the food! If you’ve ever thought that becoming a vegetarian or vegan was a sacrifice, think again! The dishes included in this book are varied and truly delicious (and, yes, low calorie and good for you too). Try the Moroccan Stew: a blend of roasted eggplant, cashews, tomatoes and spices. Or do the Rosemary-Roasted Winter Vegetables: roasted butternut squash, cauliflower (which rocks when it’s roasted) and rosemary.

    Do yourself a big favor. Go to and check it out. Then buy this book!

  • Annemarie Dawson says:


    This book is a delight! So easy to read…it’s more like having a conversation with the author. The layout is great and easy to follow the recipes. Vegetarian or not, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in delicious healthful eating. Thanks Chef Toni!

  • N. Tognella says:


    I dare any professional chef to tell the difference between the Tofu Cannoli and a real one!! This book has opened my eyes to a whole new world of flavors and recipies. I think this book will change people’s perception’s about vegetarian cooking. Toni creates dishes other than just salads and tofu that is sure to satisfy just about any palate!

  • Laura C. Varga says:


    My youngest daughter had checked this book out of her local library; she loved it and shared it with me while I was visiting her. I thought it was terrific; I especially enjoyed reading the hints and bits of information highlighted on certain pages. My oldest daughter prepares many vegetarian meals for herself; althouigh she has several vegetarian cookbooks, she did not have this one, so I thought that it would make a good Christmas present for her. I bought two copies, one for each daughter, and they are thrilled with my gift! Now I need to buy one fo myself!

  • ko neko chan says:


    I saw Toni Fiore on Public Television a few months ago. Her book “Totally Vegetarian” is simple to read and use. I have enjoyed making many of the recipes in her book and would recommend it to anyone who is a vegetarian and or vegan. I am only sorry that she is not on Public Television any longer- or if she is I have not seen her program.

    Thanks Lois

  • Michele Church says:


    A good source to get an introduction into vegetarian cooking even for those that aren’t totally vegy.

  • Stephanie A. Levendoski says:


    I’m a serious foodie. I obsess over food, recipes, tv shows, cookbooks, cooking, ingredients and on and on. I downloaded Delicious TV to my iPod about a year ago and have been watching episodes at work. I’ve tried so many recipes from the show and the cookbook especially the things I didn’t know if I would like ( collards, onions and apples for example). Its incredibly amazing how good tasting, easy to prepare and inexpensive these recipes are. So I’ve realized that now I can spend my money a little more wisely, eat healthier but well and not burn up a lot of brain cells doing it. Wow! That’s a tall order pleasantly filled! So I’m selling all my cookbooks except Totally Vegetarian of course, and withdrawing from the websites I usually spend hours on, and making life simpler and more enjoyable. No, I haven’t gone completely vegetarian but I’m eating much less meat and dairy and I feel noticeably better. That’s a benefit I wasn’t necessarily looking for but received all the same. Fabulous!!!

  • Maggie says:


    If you are thinking to become a vegetarian or just want to eat healthy, this is a good book for you. The language and the receipes are very simple. I received this book today and I am very please.

  • D. Carrigan says:


    The recipes in this book are wonderfully tasty, yet not complicated to make. Toni provides lots of substitution possibilities, in case you don’t like an ingredient or just want to change it up every once in a while.

  • Turtle Kitty says:


    I really like this book. I can’t eat tofu, so I am glad the recipes are not all tofu based. There is a section of tofu dishes, but most of the book uses regular vegetables. Good detail in the descriptions and the meals are delicious.

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