• Anonymous says:


    I love vegetables and I love cheese so this cook book was just right for me. I have enjoyed the recipes in this book and would recomend it to anyone whether you are a vegetarian or not!!

  • Alison Pfau says:


    I am often stumped on what to serve for a mixed gathering of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I am glad now to have an arsenal of delicious cheese recipes that everyone will love. Many of the ingredients are easy to keep on hand for appetizers in case of last minute guests. The casseroles for main dishes are divine comfort food. I highly recommend The Vegetarian Cookbook for Cheese Lovers to add new recipes into your routine.

  • Randi Buell says:


    I’m not a vegetarian, but I love cheese and this book certainly delivers cheese! The recipes are original and easy, which is good because I’m a busy mother of 3. The kids love the recipes also, which is a big plus in my book. The dishes in this book are versatile enough for enjoyment by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

  • Venice says:


    I’m not a vegetarian, but isn’t it healthier for us to eat meat sparingly? These recipes are flavorful and fun. Why not have some nonmeat meals for a change? A great recipe book to add to a collection of cookbooks that will see use.

  • R. D. Rees says:


    I am a vegetarian who loves cheese and was very excited about this book. I was sorely disappointed when it arrived. The recipes look like they came from a frozen TV dinner collection, and are remarkably bland and repetitive. Unless you want a cookbook with a multitude of minor variations on the same cheese casserole, avoid at all costs.

  • Zabela says:


    I LOVE this book! Excellent, fun, easy, and delicious recipes abound. I use it all the time. It’s awesome!

  • Diane says:


    The Vegetarian Cookbook for Cheese Lovers fails to go much beyond a standard church cookbook or a publication by Kraft Foods. If you are cooking with ingredients like canned cherry and raspberry pie filling, canned cheese soup, marshmallow creme, frozen corn, lots of white bread, crushed crackers and refrigerated biscuit dough, why bother to be a vegetarian? Okay, there’s no meat, but this is not exactly healthy eating. There are many, many other cheese and vegetarian cookbooks with much more creative and appealing recipes using farm-fresh ingredients that make vegetarian cooking a joy. Incidentally, for the person who claims that cheese is not vegetarian because of the rennet — you should know that so-called “vegetarian” rennet is usually a genetically modified product.

  • Midwest Book Review says:


    An impressive culinary compendium of more than 200 meat-free, gourmet quality dishes, the “Vegetarian Cookbook For Cheese Lovers” by vegetarian and free lance author Tonya Buell is packed cover to cover with flavorful, nutritious, ‘kitchen cook friendly’ vegetarian recipes that have ample protein and calcium. From Calico Cheese Fingers; Golden Mandarin Salad; Pasta and Broccoli with Gorgonzola Sauce; and Easy Cheesy Asparagus; to Mediterranean Potatoes and Artichokes; Stacked Enchiladas Verde; Apple Butter Cookies; Chocolate Cheesecake; and Cherry Cheese Triangles, this is a collection of quality recipes that is a simply wonderful addition to personal, professional, and community library cookbook collections in general, and the vegetarian reference shelf in particular.

  • B. Seegers says:


    Stacked Enchiladas Verde – Delectable! For a guy like me, it’s great to have a book I can keep on the back seat of my car. A quick glance in the grocery store parking lot on the way home from work and the dinner is planned.

    All my favorites are marked. They’re easy to make, healthy and critter friendly.

    Highly recommended.

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