Vegetarians given cheaper life insurance because they are ‘healthier than meat eaters’

by in Blog 03/10/2015


A Melbourne insurance broker's "diet discrimination" rewards vegetarians and vegans with savings through cashbacks or reduced commissions.

But accredited practising dietitian Melanie McGrice warned although research showed a vegetarian diet could cut heart disease risk, simply ditching meat was no guarantee of living healthier and longer.

"Cutting meat out doesn't necessarily stop everyone from eating potato chips and doughnuts," Ms McGrice said.

Make A Difference Insurance managing director Brian Jones said meat eaters were a bigger health burden and more likely to make income protection, disability and trauma claims because of heart attacks and cancer.

"Vegetarians are subsidising meat eaters who impose higher costs on the health system," Mr Jones said.

"You can't get bad cholesterol from eating vegetables."

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