Are Natural Water Ionizers worth it in your kitchen?

by in Health 12/04/2010


Water Ionizers have really taken off in the United States. Long accepted throughout Japan in addition to Korea, where the engineering was perfected and where there’re built. It is reported one out of four Japanese households have access to these remarkable home appliances. A water ionizer first filters tap water and then splits it into two distinctive streams. One is acidic and the other is actually alkaline. Well-liked health and fitness professionals like Dr. Robert O. Young, proponets of a “alkaline diet” swear by them.

The idea is that with our american diet regime, we obtain too much acid food intake, therefore inducing an consistent negative pH balance inside our bodies. Increasing intake of meals with a higher alkaline value like veggies “raise” our alkaline balance.

However the easiest way to get this done is with a alkaline anti-oxidant water ionizer. Not only will you be drinking water that has a higher alkalinity, you are ingesting water with what scientists call -ORP (oxidation reduction potential.Imagine rust or whenever you leave a cut apple out on a dining room table. That is oxidation. Drinking water which has a -ORP has an anti-oxidant effect upon our bodies. So why do all of us need anti-oxidant drinking water will be apparent in our makeup. Oxidation is our human body deteriorating. Anything we can do for you to impede the process down will be beneficial. Physical exercise generates oxidation and drinking water from an ionizer helps offsets this.

The best point regarding these kinds of appliances is that there’re genuinely simple to operate. Just flip them on and consume the water. What exactly could be simpler? The very best designs give a lifetime warranty, and you only have to change out the water filter from time to time, usually every six months.


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