What is a Vegan?

by in Why 09/12/2010

You probably know already that vegetarians are people who choose to not eat meat. As with any lifestyle, different individuals make different choices. Some may eat seafood. Others might eat eggs and dairy too.

Vegans generally embrace an all-encompassing approach, and do not eat any animal products at all. That means they do not eat meat, eggs, fish, milk, or cheese. Some also do not eat honey because it is made by bees.

The vegan lifestyle doesn’t stop at what you eat. It also includes not buying or wearing products made from animals. For example, leather, suede, and wool are all animal products. Someone who has embraced a vegan lifestyle would choose synthetic fibers or plant fibers over items made from animal skins or hair.

Brown cow

There are many benefits to adopting a vegan lifestyle. Yet it’s not perfect – there are some drawbacks too. By understanding the benefits and being prepared for the drawbacks, you can make the right decisions for yourself. We will post a series of articles that explain the pros and cons of a vegan diet.

More and more people are realizing that the vegan lifestyle provides a number of significant health, lifestyle, and ethical benefits. In fact, the number of vegans is growing substantially.

According to according to a 2008 report in Vegetarian Times, 3% American adults, 7.3 million people, follow a vegetarian diet, and one million of them are vegans. (And 23 million say they’ve significantly reduced their consumption of meat.)

Celebrities and public figures are standing up and taking notice too. From Bill Clinton to Brad Pitt, more people with public sway are able to share the benefits with the public. This public awareness has led to more acceptance of the vegan lifestyle.

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