When vegetarianism isn’t so healthy

by in Recipes 02/11/2013

A reminder to all of us.

Many of us left meat because the of the horrific treatment of animals in the name of profit for the meat industry. Each year the challenge to maintain and increase revenues by meat companies means more suffering for our poor animal friends.

But the corporate drive to increase profits may exist in businesses producing foods that contain no meat. While we can feel great eating foods that did not involve the harming of animals, some of the vegetarian foods we’re consuming might be harming us.

In many minds, the word “vegetarian” conjures up an image of clean living, pure foods, and radiantly healthy, skinny individuals. Forgoing meat, fish, eggs and dairy is lauded by many as better for the body and mind, and the increasing popularity of eating plants has resulted in a proliferation of ready meals and products that bask in the aura of “vegetarian healthy.” But is this really true? Processed food is processed food regardless of whether it contains animal products. So don’t be fooled into thinking you are being kind to your body just because the box or packet has a vegetarian label.

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