Why You Can Gain Weight Just By Moving To The Suburbs

by in Diet 22/06/2010

An understanding of fat burning exercise and nutrition are both vital to achieve and sustain permanent weight loss and fat reduction.

But does diet or exercise help more to lose weight? Scientific studies have been conducted to determine the answer.

Weight Loss Studies

There have only been a few studies to establish whether fat burning nutrition or exercise has a bigger impact on fat burning. The studies were particularly interesting.

They studied people who moved from big cities to the suburbs, and the reverse, to determine the affect of the move on the weight of the subjects. The subjects in the cities and the suburbs had similar diet intakes. The findings were of interest despite the fact that there no surprises.

Results From the Weight Loss Studies

Within the first year of moving from a city to the suburbs, the participants in the studies gained, on average, 15 pounds. Within the first six to eight months of moving to a city from the suburbs, the subjects in the studies lost an average of 15 pounds

The main conclusion of the studies was as follows:

The subjects living in a city did more walking than the subjects living in the suburbs. Living in the suburbs often meant that the subjects had to drive, as opposed to walk, to perfrom many of their duties, while people in the city tend to walk more to carry out their responsibilies. Both weight gain and weight loss was attributed to this.

The professionals agree that if you want to lose weight, exercise will be a bigger factor than nutrition. To give you an idea of how diet and exercise each affect weight loss, it has been said that it is 65% – 35% in favor of exercise.

Research shows that to lose weight you should do an exercise progam as well as a diet program.

Even If You Havent Moved From Or To A City, Do The Study Results Have Meaning For You?

Can you burn fat and lose weight permanently if

  • you do not alter your diet, but follow a good exercise regimen? 
  • you adhere to a diet that should help you to lose weight, but you do no exercise?
  • you dont fully adhere to the dietary and exercise advice?

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